Jan 29, 2012


Since I've been fairly voracious with working in my sketchbook this past year I've put together one for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook project 2012. Just finishing up the last few illustrations for my sketchbook this week.
Above is one of the pages that fits the 'forward' theme for this weeks Illustration Friday challenge. This is our friend Ganesha who has been asked to 'perform' by someone just out of view thus the circus-like image. Since one of Ganesha's skills is his ability to remove obstacles, the request is one asking him to help so that the requestee can move forward in their endeavour.


  1. nice textures and spare details.

  2. Hi DSM,
    Thanks, I've tried to keep the Brooklyn Library Sketchbook Project drawings details spare but still representative of what I'm into creating at this time. I didn't want to spend too many hours crosshatching and such as they are meant to be a sketchbook and something I'm giving away for (yikes) free.