Feb 25, 2011

Rutting Skull

This happy little skull is the mad cousin of a much more benign character I call Batzglass.
I'll post something about him in the next few months. 'Rutting Skull' comes from a little pencil scribble which appeared while I was working on the main Batzglass character concepts.
I recently started pulling some of these accidental nuggets from my sketchbooks to see if I can work them up into an interesting finished image in their own right.

Feb 17, 2011

TACHYON Gardens - character & Starflower

Detail from another spread. This one has one of the little characters examining the energy containing Starflower.

I have entered the full spread in the Wacom 5th anime contest.

TACHYON Gardens - characters in space flight - detail

TACHYON Gardens - characters in space flight - detail of the previous image with my signature overlayed for © protection

Tachyon Gardens - characters in space flight

Tachyon Gardens is a concept I am developing which I will post a few images from. Here I am having my fun with texture and digital filters. The colour palette and some elements of the background is similar to the one found on 'Ophelia'

Feb 11, 2011

MASK – angry red

As per the previous tribal mask a sketchbook idea brought to a finish.
This one is Angryred.

* June, 2012.  I've recently reworked this illustration and applied it to a skateboard deck design.
have a look at the label skateboard and that should take you to the most recent post or you can go to the the zazzlestore direct

Feb 10, 2011

Ophelia II

An updated image of Ophelia which I opened my blog with. The typography is more integrated and there is a little more detail in the figure.

Feb 8, 2011

Illustrators Australia - Ken Rinkel

Here's my link to my IA folio.
Illustrators Australia - Ken Rinkel

Just for fun. This is SKULLMASK_antler. Another sketchbook item converted to vector and uploaded to redbubble as a hoodie and t-shirt. A shamanic pre-apocalyptic party face.

You can see the source of this finished image in my earlier post 'sketchbook 1'


I've been moving from one studio to another and have been digging up some older images from storage. These are a few spreads from the first picture book I illustrated called 'Creation' in 1995. It was voted as a notable book of that year by the Children's Book Council of Australia. Words by Sarah Crawford. and published by the now defunct Starfish Publications. Text runs along the bottom of the page below the illustration spread.

These are photos of some of the original oil paintings for the book.

I have a number of book stored in my studio from my publisher.
They are and available for purchase with delivery by Australia Post.
Prices* today including Postage & inc GST in Australia. $33.00.
To Canada and the USA including Postage CDN$38.25 USD$38.25
I have a paypal account so we can arrange payment through that.
* Please note, price subject to change depending on shipping costs.

Feb 3, 2011


Jazzman, horn comes from a pencil sketch for my Stone Project series. It is presented here as a b&w image which I put together last night mainly as a t-shirt design for my redbubble site. It appears with a white border so it looks good on all colours.

Feb 1, 2011


Well I've found a place where people can purchase some
of my images as one off pieces.
I've joined Redbubble and posted some designs for prints,
cards and t-shirts.

I'll be steadily adding to these over time so have a look at the slideshow here now and again or click through on the link to my redbubble page.
If there is something you see on the blog that you like, let me know and I'll see if its something we can get up on redbubble as well.