Oct 31, 2011

I'm Not Scared - IF

The first thing that came to mind when Illustration Friday's suggested topic word of 'Scary' was remembering all the dressing up and anticipation for the North American festival of Halloween. Which as an occasion is catching on in my Aussie neighbourhood more and more each year. 'The harvesting of the lollies' night is one candy companies, retailers and and (lets not forget the kids) are loving. A bag of free candy from the neighbours just for dressing up! Wow! Kids aren't stupid.

The second thing that came to mind was a book I illustrated in 2005 for Blake Education. The images here are just some from 'I'm Not Scared'. This was for their Gigglers series and was aimed at reluctant primary school readers. Above is a page where an Ogre appears and below is the printed spread where the Bunyip is appearing.

The story was about a father and daughter ghost talking about what they found most scary.
Each scary 'monster' mentioned manifested. Then, as each monster mentions what scares them it then manifested. And so on. It was a great little book written by author Wendy Blaxland and was great fun to create and play around with scary fun characters, including the father and daughter ghosts, an ogre, a giant and Australia's own billabong frightener the Bunyip.

The illustrations were created digitally from scans of the roughs and was the first book that I extensively used photoshop filters for texture. Below, is the cover image showing some of the character faces.

Oct 24, 2011

Fiona Fuels Her Fire

'Fiona Fuels Her Fire' is a simple portrait of a simple girl, with simple fuel requirements for simple fun.
A simple illustration today from me, a simple man, to keep things simple.

Oct 17, 2011

'Scattered Cloud Chance of Showers' IF

'Scattered Cloud, Chance of Showers' is from the Snakeskin Sketchbook series of drawings.
Ah, cleansing water, wash away the accumulations from the day.

Oct 14, 2011

IA 9X5 exhibition - Opening Night

Illustrators Australia 9X5 opening night tonight. If you happen to be flying into Melbourne tonight I am sure it is the thing to do. All works for sale with a starting price of $195. Bidding occurs if more than one person really really really wants it too.

Meanwhile all the images are displayed on the web so if Melbourne is not in the itinerary you can have a good look at this groups entries for this years theme. You can vote on a peoples choice award and rate the images on a page that looks like this with my mine on it below.  Others I am liking right now are from: Adam Carruthers, Jill Brailsford, Emma Kidd, Louise Kyrakou, Matt Clare, Tracie Grimwood, Kim Fleming, and Warren Crossett.

Oct 10, 2011

Moose Contraption near Waterfall Landscape

'Moose Contraption Near Waterfall Landscape' is from the Snakeskin Sketchbook series. This nature piece harkens back to my days of hiking and exploring the rich topography, flora and fauna of the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary, Canada.

Oct 7, 2011

9X5 - Illustrators Australia's 16th annual exhibition

As the poster here says It's time for the Illustrators Australia 9X5 annual exhibition.
this years theme is the word 'Rapture'. You can comment and rate the images there.
Opening Friday 14th October 2011, at Space 39, level 2, 39 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria, Australia.
My artwork which will be exhibited is below, and this definition should explain things a little bit:
a mystical experience in which the spirit is exalted to a knowledge of devine things.
The original concept was explored in the Snakeskin Sketchbook series.

Oct 4, 2011

Heibernate-IF _ Not Sleeping, Dying

'Not Sleeping, Dying', is from the Snakeskin Sketchbook Series.
It is really an illustrated response to a dream I had the other night in which death (my own) played a prominent part.
It reminded me of the Tears for Fears song 'Mad World'
and the lyric;
'I find it kind of funny,
I find it kind of sad,
The dreams in which I'm dyin'
are the best I've had,'
I find it hard to tell you
'Cause I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very
                                         ...Mad world'