May 24, 2010

IA Book 11

Book 11 of the Illustrators Australia is going into production now. Illustrators can upload their page image directly and preview what it will look like immediately.

Book 11 is going to be a swatch book in the same vein as the PMS colour swatch books.
This should allow art buyers a speedier process as they will be able to sift through the artists styles very quickly, picking out what type of imagery is relevant to them at the time.

Contact details and an indication of an illustrators' particular specialties are indicated at the top. These are the images for my page.

May 20, 2010

Handwriting Made Easy - detail

Detail from Handwriting Made Easy.
I just like this little guy. His boat is just large 
enough to accommodate his tail feathers comfortably.

Handwriting Made Easy

Handwriting Made Easy

This image is one that I have reworked from the straight vector art that was originally published. This image was created for Thomson Nelson Publishing's Handwriting Made Easy series. There were seven versions published. Each used the same image but with a different coloured background for each Australian state. I like this one as the green background 'sea' makes it appear that the characters and their little paperboat are sailing around on a little pond in a rich green plain.


Here is another image that came from a similar headspace as the Ophelia image. This one is simply entitled Star

Illustrators Australia

I've been an active member of our professional association here in Australia  (Illustrators Australia) since the NSW illustrators were invited to join up and create a national association back in the late 1980's. The main goal was to create a culture of awareness for illustrators and their clients in regards to artists' rights.

I have been both President and Vice president of the NSW branch working for about five years with my colleague Lew Keilar on behalf of Australian illustrators. FYI: Current President is Christopher Nielsen and Vice President is Nigel Buchanan. Email them at for info.

Have a look at my folio page there as well which will inevitably have images of a different bent to what is published here.

1st post - latest image

Since this is the latest image I was having a play with, I thought it a good one to upload for the start of this blog. This image has been created as a completely digital image.  It has started life being built using Illustrator's vectors but then has been finishing using Photoshop.