Aug 29, 2011

DISGUISE - Illustration friday - Camo & Flage

Camo & Flage is a tribute to wide-eyed gun-totting would be hunters. Camo, he's the real hunter, tall and carrying grandpa's big gun. Flage, on the other hand knows deep down he's only playing at being the hunter, hence the 'handgun' he carries with him. Both have spent hours on their outfits that are so good that both Camo & Flage are likely to come home on the hood of an SUV rather than driving it themselves.

A fun one posted here for illustration friday.

Media is pen & ink characters with and acrylic paint background on plywood.

Aug 11, 2011

Illustrators Australia A3 group show

and only two Snakeskin Sketchbook prints from me in this exhibition. There is also around 120 others from the Illustrators Australia group to see as well.

Next week is the two day Sydney exhibition of the Illustrators Australia A3 print show at
Fraser Studios 10-14 Kensington St, Chippendale.
They are also available online (2011 A3 SHOW) (page7) if you happen to not be in Sydney during the all to brief window of viewing opportunity.

Prints are on Museo 300 gsm Portfolio Rag (archival, acid free, matte & 100% cotton)
The Giclee prints are from some of the best Australian illustrators in the industry - all on sale for an amazing $125 each!

CLICK here for a link to some exhibition and set up photos.