Jun 26, 2012

Heartspace - Encyclopedia of Grim

The heart space a space of infinte richness or infinite emptiness.
Love found can make it feel like it's filled with the wonders and joy of the universe. Love lost can make it feel like it's filled full of nothing.

This is a drawing from the Encyclopedia of Grim.

Jun 11, 2012

The Rabbit Star Shining Bright

This one is for the kids.
On the way to the rabbit star.
• Name: T Leporis
• Type: Vitamin B class star – visibility good.

Pronunciation/ˈlpəs/, or colloquially/ˈlɛpəs/; genitive /ˈlɛpərɨs/
Symbolismthe Hare
Right ascension6 h
Area290 sq. deg. (51st)
Main stars8
Stars with planets3
Stars brighter than 3.00m2
Stars within 10.00 pc (32.62 ly)3
Brightest starα Lep (Arneb) (2.58m)
Nearest starGliese 229
(18.83 ly, 5.77 pc)
Messier objects1
Meteor showersNone
Canis Major

Jun 6, 2012

A3 Show 2012 - Illustrators Australia

Top, Shaman Mask - Angry Red
Below, Shaman Mask - Antler

Illustrators Australia will be holding it's annual A3 Print Show in June this year and I'll be one of the exhibitors. (see image below for dates and times)

I'll be showing and selling the two images above as Glicee prints. They are professionally printed on Acid Free Canson Edition Etching paper, 310gsm and printed using the Epson 9900 series. 
(Limited to an edition of 40 signed prints). 
Image size 297 mm X 420 mm. Paper size 330 mm X 455 mm.
Prints signed, titled and editioned in pencil at bottom. The electronic signature seen on the above images will not be on these prints.
Contact me by email  if you are interested in obtaining one or more. 
The email address is at the top of this blog.

These artworks are based on my Shaman series skateboard designs (See them in the beestycard zazzle store). I was interested seeing if I could apply the rich ornate vertical design of the boards into a more standard print format proportion for this show. It took awhile to work out but I have finished the digital artwork this morning (with a break to sit outside to observe the transit of Venus). When the sun became obscured by clouds in the afternoon I had the first prints from the edition professionally printed by Angus Benham at his printery called Gusha Visual Media over in Brookvale NSW. Thanks to him for such great quality work.

Jun 4, 2012

Skateboard design at Beestycard

I've had a big play around with my Angry Red Shaman Mask illustration (top) and applied it to a skateboard deck design. Here it is as it appears in the Beestycard Zazzlestore.

Riding Around on my Rooney

What a great old day this Sunday. Sun's out, .......not in much of a hurry really, as it is the weekend. Just enjoying the day and having a ride around on my Rooney. 

A little drawing from the Brownsnake2 Sketchbook.

This has become an intriguing drawing for me because of a odd little coincidence. I drew this fellow on his chopper tricycle while in my bed before drifting off. The following day I spotted an article in the online Sydney Morning Herald newspaper announcing that the designer of the first chopper bicycle the 'Raleigh chopper', Alan Oakley, had passed away from cancer at the age of 85.
Here's a DailyMail article link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2147366/Alan-Oakley-designer-Raleigh-Chopper-bike-dies-aged-85-cancer.html