Jun 21, 2010

This little fellow is a fox character created for the covers of Oxford University Press' Math Plus primary school workbooks. The original brief was for groovy aliens but changed to a clever inquiring fox detective as the authors were not keen to associate learning maths with being an alien.

I've posted an alien illustration using the characters I had in mind at the time and used in this little tickle the piggy illustration. It has the aliens bringing 'self-awareness' to the little porker with just a touch.

Jun 17, 2010

Redheads are Cats

I have been putting together images this week for Oxford University Press. I've done quite a number of images for their Maths Plus primary mathematics workbooks over the last couple of years.

These images started out as flat characters to supplement the text or explain concepts. I've taken a couple of the characters and gave them a bit of dimension and an entirely different context and environment for them to live in.

Jun 16, 2010


This image is a combination of two. I was commissioned to create a logo and avatar images for a chatroom site called Coffeetime. The logo appears here along with a sample I created for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority for a promotion to bring more lunchtime officeworkers into the Rocks area of Sydney. Photography was the solution used in the final production but I still love the style of this woman and the 'coffeeness' of the whole.

Jun 1, 2010

TRUE BLUE magazine

This image was created for a Text Pacific Publishing. They produced a magazine called 'True Blue' which if I remember right was an employee magazine for Nestle. This was produced for a fun piece called 'Save me Santa' about remembering some of the trials we go through around the festive time of year. The final printed piece had little type blocks in all the empty spaces.


'Suds' has come from the reworking of an old image. In the 90's I had been commissioned to create a few characters interacting with water for Sydney's Maritime Museum and their kids' summer-fun waterpark. The images were small vignettes of a character and a prop. I liked the composition of this little fellow here having his bath and was interested always in modernising his look. The original line work was black and the colouring was flat illustrator colours and shading. Here I have created a washroom environment based on my Oma's (Dutch for Grandmother) tiles that I remember from childhood of her bathroom in Canada. I have based the typography on a funky typeface from http://www.pizzadude.dk called 'Cream and Sugar' (Click on 'Suds' title for direct link). This work is unpublished.