Oct 17, 2011

'Scattered Cloud Chance of Showers' IF

'Scattered Cloud, Chance of Showers' is from the Snakeskin Sketchbook series of drawings.
Ah, cleansing water, wash away the accumulations from the day.


  1. Ohhhhh I like this one. The colors and the layout appeal to me very much! Thanks for visiting my Etegami blog. It gave me a chance to "discover" your art. :)

  2. ありがとうどうか、私がここでイメージ戦略と(彼・それ)らを見せることのための非常に多くのエネルギーを持っている(とき・から・につれて・ように)、さらに多くを見いだすために戻って来てください。
    Which hopefully mirrors what I wrote in the english language:
    Thank you please come back to discover more as I have a great deal of energy for image making and the showing of them here. http://translation.babylon.com/english/to-japanese/ helped me with the translation.