Oct 10, 2011

Moose Contraption near Waterfall Landscape

'Moose Contraption Near Waterfall Landscape' is from the Snakeskin Sketchbook series. This nature piece harkens back to my days of hiking and exploring the rich topography, flora and fauna of the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary, Canada.


  1. What a wild and interesting moose! I love your play on shapes to create this character. Is he done completely in ink? Background paint?
    (seen in Illustration Friday)

  2. I love all your misterious and disturbing work. This also, of course.

  3. Hi Auroran Lauriel,
    thanks for your question.
    This particular drawing was done using a gel ink pen for the moose figure. It originated as a sketchbook drawing separate from the acrylic painting background. So the finished piece is combined digitally.

    Some of the images I've posted earlier have a purely digitally created background texture.
    The background for this image doesn't really exist anymore as it is cut up and used in some collages I've been playing with. for example http://www.redbubble.com/people/kenrinkel/art/7852430-runaway-heart )

    Other artworks are done with a pen & ink drawing cut out and pasted onto a paint textured background. Current works in progress are some larger scale drawings for exhibition which I'll be applying paint to after the drawing is done and vice versa. It depends on whether I think the crucial and difficult technical part of the piece is about getting the drawing exactly right or whether it's about getting the paint exactly right.

  4. Thankyou isabelmancebobalda. Many more images to come no doubt. There are a lot of images swirling around my head waiting their turn to find themselves on paper.

  5. Very interesting! This moose figure is excellent! :)