Sep 19, 2011

ASHEAD's been smoking - Mesmerized IF

'ASHEAD's Been Smoking' is from the Snakeskin Sketchbook series.
Maybe because Ashead's been smoking he's finding the formation of little birdies flying past him somewhat mesmerizing.


  1. He appears to have an enviably peacable existence.

  2. haha yes tanaudel, he is much relaxed.

  3. As a kid, my mom smoked. Hated the smell, but loved to watch the smoke rise when she was distracted, hand stilled. Still find that fascinating. Your image brought that to mind. Great image, as always.

  4. Thanks AHAviews. My Father travelled for his work and as kids we would, in anticipation of his return, roll unfiltered cigarettes for him using long papers on a rolling machine in the evenings. Probably rolled hundreds for him all up.
    The two things I still remember liking was the smell of the fresh tobacco and, like you, the fascinating motions of the smoke trails.
    Fortunately Dad quit abruptly after fourty years puffing after a minor health scare and is going quite well healthwise at 76.