May 7, 2012

ImpBoy Hitched

Walking down the banks of the River Styx I came upon this little ImpBoy.
He told me the Harpies stopped him on his the way to the Calgary Stampede and hitched him to a post.
Since the Harpies didn't bother to tell him why he was hitched to a post on the beach of the River Styx Impboy was finding it all a little undignified and was kind of embarrassed.
I decided to tell him a story about me, the Calgary Stampede and Muhammad Ali but since he wasn't in the mood to listen he just sat and sucked on his tail.

A little piece from the theatre of the biographically absurd and the Brownsnake Sketchbook.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michele Thomas. This one was purely for the fun of the words and image.

  2. great story and character design!

  3. I think you're a little crazy! You have crazy stories and crazy funny characters. You can't help laughing.

    1. You know something a little crazy. That cloud in the background photo spawned a water spout that was a bit of a worry as my son and I were very exposed when the pic was taken on the sand dunes of Myall Lakes National Park, Australia. 32˚ 29' 24.13" S - 152˚ 24' 11.46".