Mar 5, 2012

Loitering with Intent

This Gumshoe detective seems to be in two minds about what to do next.

Standing, waiting, thinking, what is this guy intending, in his film noir - Mickey Spillane attire to do next?
Is that a street post in Papua New Guinea he's leaning on or is this Gumshoe's Pacific equivalent of the Maltese Falcon. I wonder if he's not hiding a precious, fragile intent in his heart which he shields as he scans his psychological landscape.

Gumshoe is another from the Snakeskin Sketchbook series of drawings.


  1. You've captured perfectly the sense of"Two minds." :)

  2. Hi dosankodebbie,
    When I had begun to envision the drawing in my head I was thinking of a two-faced detective but it very much became an interior drawing as the faces began to show that there were different thoughts going on for the character.

  3. cool style! And a clever way to show the concept ...

    1. Many thanks deer prudence. Do you think one of the faces shows the forming of 'intent' more than the other?