May 5, 2011

Snakeskin sketchbook 1

The Snakeskin sketchbook series is an in progress  project as the snakeskin covered sketchbook (faux snakeskin) I got for xmas 2010 is only half full. After a lifetime of black covered sketchbooks I had been given a cool thing to draw in.

These are the start of the drawings from the sketchbook and I have been using black gel pens with a crosshatch technique. My goal was to create at least one drawing a day in the sketchbook while on my recent travel to Canada and New Zealand. The first few pages of the sketchbook have been torn out and burnt as I tried to use it as a travel diary at first. That approach only served to allow some of my bad 'habits' to immediately surface in the form of 'crap' drawings. I then decided a good place to start was with drawing some of my emotonal responses to illness, as a family members illness was my reason for visiting Canada and starting with a new book. 

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