Mar 24, 2011

Waterwatch manuals - NSW Department of Environment & Climate Change (DECC)

These images are a few of many for the NSW government's Department of Environment & Climate Change 'Waterwatch' manuals and guides. Waterwatch is a program where community groups and stakeholders monitor and test water quality in their local waterways. They then can record their results on a central database that the NSW government uses to get a greater understanding of the states water resources. Above here are two images from the 'Landholder' guide and three from the 'junior' (school) guide.  

'Waterbug' images. These little fellows were used in information breakouts as well as on a water quality visual chart.

'How to' There were a great many instructional images showing how to use the various bits of equipment  and how to follow a process. It's important to get these accurate as these are for the collection of scientific data and the margin for error must be reduced for accurate interpretation of the data collected.

All images were finished created using adobe illustrator. Most started life as pencil sketches though some were created fully digitally.

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